Summer Enrichment Program is back!

image3 1Glenwood Academy’s Summer Enrichment Program returns to campus today for in-person programming.  We are excited to have our students back in small groups, which will allow our teachers to provide a more individualized approach to focus on each students’ strengths and address any potential deficits that require more one-on-one interaction.  Our theme, “Who Do You Want to Be?”, will provide students the opportunity to engage with individuals from a wide-range of professions through guest speakers, job shadowing and mentorship as they explore their own interests and envision what their future may be.

Students will also contemplate who they want to be in a social and emotional context, developing skills such as goal setting, empathy, improving self-confidence, and self-esteem.  The program is enriching their academic journey through various classes, such as mathematics, art, music, reading and robotics.

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We could not provide this important programming without the support of our generous donors.  Thank you so much for your support.  Please consider making a donation to our Summer Enrichment Program by clicking here.  Your donation will help keep our students safe and secure with us, during the most vulnerable time of the year.