About the Residential Program

Glenwood Academy serves as an extension of a family’s resources. More than just a school, our one-of-a-kind residential program removes barriers to critical support through mental and physical health services, social and emotional development, and consistent access to the basics: food, housing and safety, clearing the way for a successful educational journey. Glenwood uniquely and passionately serves students by providing individualized instruction with small class sizes during the school day and a safe, supportive and nurturing residential community to call home Sunday through Friday. In this setting, students reap the benefits of a home life grounded in love, stability, structure and predictability, in turn enabling them to focus and take advantage of academic and extracurricular opportunities that better their futures.

Students live in one of our 14 cottages on our 120-acre campus, which have full-time, live-in house parents.  These residential cottages are designed to model a family environment with a living area, recreation area, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Students living in the cottages rotate household responsibilities, which help to build knowledge and self-confidence.  Personal well-being and hygiene education are also taught.

Glenwood Academy works hand-in-hand with the entire family to meet their needs.  This partnership provides the best opportunity for the students to excel academically and thrive emotionally.

For academic affairs please contact (708) 756-0175 or [email protected]