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Student and mother holding hands from behind

How Glenwood Helps Parents and Guardians

Glenwood Academy staff regularly checks in with parents to ensure they have access to food and safe housing, and to also provide counseling services when necessary. 100% of our parents feel their children are safe at Glenwood Academy, and are provided a safe and nurturing environment for children.  Our clinical programs help families process and work through negative experiences, increasing prospects for a positive future.

Parents and guardians work hand-in-hand with Glenwood Academy staff to ensure that not only the student needs are met, but the caregivers, as well. Over 80% of our students come from single-family homes, which puts additional stress on not only the child, but the caregiver, as well. Glenwood gives parents and guardians flexibility and peace of mind to complete their education or work a job with unconventional hours knowing that their child is cared for.

Our most recent development in connecting with our parents is a program called The Parent Café.  In this new support group, Glenwood Academy partners with parents and caregivers of students that attend our school.  In this setting, we build strong relationships and increase social connections, parental resilience, and their knowledge of parenting and a child’s social and emotional development. This support, therefore, strengthens their families, enhances their leadership skills at home and in their community, and gives them a chance to discuss the challenges and victories of raising a family.