Four girls sitting at a picnic bench and eating lunch

About the Summer Enrichment Program

Summer is one of the most vulnerable times of year for youth without supervision, who live in low-income communities that are plagued by violence.  Meanwhile, summer programs and daycare options are too expensive for parents from these communities to afford.  These parents simply do not have a choice.  Glenwood Academy works to bridge that divide by offering a very low-cost option for those in need of summer care.   Parents are confident their child is learning in a safe environment.  The program offers parents flexibility to provide for their family in ways they couldn’t before.  They are able to pursue education, take on additional hours at their job, or work non-traditional hours while their child is living on campus. Three years ago, Glenwood opened its summer program to non-residential students as well, welcoming kids in the local community. These students not only benefit from classes and extracurricular activities, but also receive three meals a day.

Glenwood Academy’s Summer Enrichment Program fosters ongoing academic development and support to students from low income families.  Participants receive individually focused academic support in reading, vocabulary and STEM learning, daily computer use, exposure to cultural programs, and field trips designed to make learning fun for even the most reluctant learners. The academic portion of the program helps students maintain progress in academic achievement using the school’s curriculum.  The enrichment portion of the program promotes developmental assets from The Search Institute through a variety of activities like dance, crafts and sports.  Students also go on field trips and have the chance to play.  Social emotional learning groups meet several times a week using the Second Step SEL curriculum.

For academic affairs please contact (708) 756-0175 or [email protected]