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About the NOW Program

Glenwood Academy’s NOW (No Opportunity Wasted) Program is offered to students, ages 18+, who have successfully completed their academics with Glenwood Academy and are entering the phase of Emerging Adulthood (EA), also known as the ‘in between phase’ of life. Students in our NOW Program remain residents of Glenwood Academy and are provided with an individualized support program designed to set them up for a successful and independent future. All participants are either in college, working off-campus, or attending vocational training.

To facilitate their progress, NOW participants receive housing, transportation to and from work and family visits, daily check-ins, and real-life experiences. Counseling and health services are also offered. 

Participants are required to participate in activities on campus; such as mentoring & tutoring younger students, working with our maintenance team & kitchen staff, assisting with special events and providing assistance with our summer and after school programming.

The NOW program complements Glenwood Academy’s High School program by providing structured systems of responsibility, gradual transitions, continuous feedback and successful outcomes. Glenwood Academy remains committed to adapting and meeting evolving needs.