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About the Counseling Program

According to Medical News Today, African Americans receive treatment of mental health needs at a 50-70% lower rate than whites do in America. This astronomical disparity in accessing needed mental health services has a profound impact on individuals’ ability to navigate a successful outcome for themselves or their family.

Glenwood Academy addresses this disparity through our Counseling Services program. Our program makes mental health care available for our students with the approach of restorative justice practices and trauma-informed care. We provide 100% of our students with access to mental health care, including individual, group and family therapy when appropriate. We know that in order to be successful, the child must be cared for as a whole and not in a piecemeal fashion.

We have established a Behavioral Health Team (BHT) which meets bi-weekly to discuss the social and emotional needs of students and their families, review their progress, and adjust our support approach as needed. This multi-disciplinary team consisting of Psychologists, a Social Worker, Residential Staff, Educational Staff, and Glenwood Administrators have strong cross-program communication and collaboration which contributes to the many positive agency outcomes that have been achieved. Students and families benefit immensely from the strong, seamless system of support that has been wrapped around them. Additionally, partnerships with DePaul University, Governors State University and local hospitals guarantee access to high-quality mental health care when needed.