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About the Academic Program

Our Academic Program serves students in grades 2-12. For grades 2-8, we offer small class sizes on campus to allow more individualized attention. For grades 9-12, we have partnerships with three area high schools. A robust program of extra-curricular activities, including the Ralla Klepak Performing Arts Program, Art, military leadership, sports, and educational enrichment, is offered to improve children’s confidence, creativity, and leadership skills.

We support students who are not achieving at their potential through the Learning Resource Center. It is common for a child entering Glenwood to be at least two grade levels behind. Students receive small group and individualized lessons to overcome learning deficits and other stresses, which may interfere with the normal learning process. Students work on reading language and math skills as well as science and social studies. To help students get back on track, the LRC tests each student when they enroll at Glenwood and then each subsequent year to measure their growth in a number of important areas.

We utilize Social Emotional Learning (SEL), a comprehensive program that empowers teachers, counselors and other staff to identify, assess and implement intensive interventions for students who encounter challenges in managing emotions and relationships, and how it affects their education. Our faculty uses the Second Step SEL Curriculum as the foundation of SEL education at Glenwood Academy. We assess our students’ cognitive development using Mindprint and Brainware assessment tools.

For academic affairs please contact (708) 756-0175 or [email protected]