Enrichment and Recreation

Glenwood’s enrichment and recreational programs inspire and motivate our students to realize their full potential as productive and responsible young people through positive, enriching and constructive activities that are essential for our youth to develop healthy lifestyles.


Glenwood established an innovative woodworking program, which also serves as a multi-disciplinary classroom where all children can learn and apply important skills. The Kidshop concept originated as an after-school woodworking club and quickly became very popular among the students. The success of the Kidshop is proof that alternative learning methods strengthen our students’ academic experience. The hands-on activities such as creating unique woodworking designs and full scale drawings in the Kidshop ‘turn on the light bulb’ for students having difficulty in their regular classes. Some of the benefits students gain in the Kidshop includes better communication skills and increased self-confidence, application of math skills. Students need to understand directions by listening and reading to successfully and safely complete a project. Those skills are reinforced when a student is then required to lead a project and verbalize his/her plans or actions to a classmate or group of students.


Military Leadership Program

The Military Leadership Program was designed to instill the values of citizenship, service, personal responsibility, teamwork and sense of accomplishment in our students. Within the program, the students are known as cadets and function as a Battalion. Students that demonstrate the ability to lead as well as follow with skill and precision in their drills are promoted to cadets leaders known as Officers. The students in most senior ranking positions are known as Battalion staff and lead all cadets in drills. These students have the responsibility to demonstrate high standards of performance, accountability, and demonstrate how to be a role model to their subordinates. Throughout the week, cadets learn and practice different drills including in-place movements and marching movements. Throughout the year, students compete in competitive drills within the Battalion and the winning Platoon receives recognition that results into prestigious awards and future leadership opportunities within the program.


Recreation and Sports

Encourages fitness, positive use of leisure time, and teaches positive social skills. Glenwood offers structured recreational activities including pick-up basketball games, dodge ball tournaments, obstacles courses and bike rides throughout the campus. Glenwood also has organized sports teams including boys’ and girls’ basketball, soccer, volleyball teams as well as cheerleading.


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