High School Program

Glenwood’s High School Program is an opportunity for the students who are most in need to continue receiving the structure of our boarding and life skills programs while attending an excellent college prep high school. These students have thrived at Glenwood during their grade school years. Yet, there are still risk factors present in their family environment and community that have not been resolved. For these students, Glenwood is deeply committed to continued service and provides them with opportunities to attend a college prep high school.

The High School Program covers the direct cost of tuition for students. Students can enroll at Bloom High School in Chicago Heights, or if they pass a staff review and an entrance test, Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights or Illiana Christian in Lansing. If parents choose to send their child to Marian Catholic or Illiana Christian, they are required to pay a percentage of the costs, such as registration and activity fees.

After high school graduation, Glenwood provides opportunities to pursue and receive scholarships that may pay partial tuition for students who go on to pursue a college degree.


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