Academic Program

Academic Program

Glenwood’s on-campus elementary and junior high schools enroll students in grades three through eight. The schools are staffed by teachers proficient in their subject areas with first-hand knowledge of our students’ needs. The average class size is 12-15 students, which allows children to receive individualized attention and support. The well-rounded curriculum of the academic program includes math, English, science and social studies with additional opportunities in technology, physical education, languages, and art.

The Learning Resource Center

Glenwood first developed the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to serve the special learning needs of students accepted for admission who need individualized or small group instruction in order to meet their academic potential. Over 50 percent of Glenwood students experience gaps in knowledge due to learning disabilities, frequent school changes and/or attending a low-performing, under-funded school. The LRC provides diagnostic, academic, speech, enrichment and remedial services for students as well as helps regular classroom teachers modify instruction to each child’s particular learning style. Through Glenwood’s Learning Resource Center, students experience academic gains ranging from 6 – 12 months in deficient areas such as math, reading, and language arts within their first year of enrollment and continue to make gains throughout their stay.

Academic Affairs
Colleen Conlan-Carter, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Residential Services
Anne Budicin, Principal
Kanika Johnson, Academic Dean
Radiant Montgomery, Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Hadnott, Resource
Camiell Burse, Resource
Mariah Kraus, Grade 4
Anne Nicholls, Grade 5
Junior High
Janet Hadnott, Science
Kanika Johnson (Dean), Technology Integration Coordinator
Antoinette Veniace, Language Arts
Timothy Nelson, Social Studies
C. Debbie Rogers-Green, Mathematics
Vincent Smith, Art
Phyllis Naumann, Librarian
Jeffery Wilson, Physical Education
Pat Johnson, Substitute Teacher


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