Summer Enrichment

The Summer Enrichment Program is offered to primary students in grades 2 through 8 who lack an adequate foundation for learning to read and write effectively. There are 2 three-week sessions that run during the summer to help new students get acclimated to the school and helps existing students make academic gains while they are out of school. The program provides experiences in reading fluency, expanded vocabulary, phonics, poetry and reading for pleasure. Individual instruction, small group activities, field trips, and computer-generated lessons are incorporated into the highly interactive learning environment. The literacy program offers a unique opportunity for the students to experience success during a four-week intensive summer program.
This year’s Summer Enrichment theme will be USA. This theme based program will provide students an opportunity to sustain and improve academic skills in the areas of reading, language, math and cognitive processing skills.  Students will be grouped by instructional level as determined by standardized testing and teacher recommendations.  Students will participate in both pre and post evaluative measures to track progress.  
This year’s theme is designed to help students grow both academic skills and background knowledge related to their country.  Students will read varied books and materials focusing on USA geography, historical figures, important facts, and vocabulary. They will work on hands on math activities designed to improve math computation, applications and concepts. Students will also work on written expression with a focus on sentence and paragraph writing and application of grammar skills.  In addition, students will write and read poetry related to the theme.  
Cognitive processing skills will also be addressed in the Summer Enrichment Program.  Students will use BrainWare Safari daily to enhance working memory and executive functioning skills.  In addition to the BrainWare Safari program, students will also utilize the Skate Kids computer reading program. This neuroscience based program focuses on both cognitive processing and reading skills. Both computer programs were designed with a motivating video game format that students find fun and engaging.  
Students will also take field trips relating to this year’s theme. They will perform Reader’s Theatre Activities, and listen to a professional story teller.  Arts and crafts activities, and educational games will also be incorporated.
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