Summer Enrichment

Summer Academic and Enrichment at Glenwood Academy expose children to the joys of summertime, while also providing challenging coursework and exploratory activities. The 6-week program is open to Glenwood Academy students and youth from the surrounding community. Summer Enrichment fosters a nurturing atmosphere for young people and provides exposure to things they may not otherwise experience in their own community.
The program runs from late-June to mid-July and consists of a rigorous curriculum in reading, math, and science. Enrichment activities include weekly field trips, culinary arts classes, life skills and leadership development, physical fitness and social recreation. Group counseling sessions focus on proactively addressing adjustment issues for new students, providing general coping skills for adolescents, and building positive self-esteem.
In addition to campus programming, children also have the opportunity to attend Camp Duncan in Ingleside, IL. The camp offers youth a one-of-a-kind environment with self-confidence building challenges like rock-climbing and archery while increasing their ability to work independently and as part of a team. Children enjoy hours of physical activity, develop healthy relationships and navigate the wilderness!
For more information, contact: Monique Turner, Director of Residential Services at 708.756.6117 or
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