Glenwood’s high quality individualized academic and boarding program reflects our mission to serve good children from challenging circumstances and provides them with opportunities to grow and succeed. Glenwood’s academic and boarding program complement each other around the needs of the students. Teachers, houseparents, and administrative staff work together to comprehensively address any issues a child might have in school or in the boarding program. 

Since 1887, Glenwood Academy has provided a relevant and necessary service to children. The Academy owes its longevity and continuing support to its ability to adapt to changing times and the emerging needs of society.

Three examples of Glenwood’s ability to meet the changing needs of children and their families include:  academic programboarding programenrichment and recreation activities.


Seniors Entering a Two or Four Year College - 100%
All seniors from our classes of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 have entered into a two or four year college after graduating from the Glenwood high school program.

Addressing the Achievement Gap - 45%
Half of the students entering Glenwood test 2-3 years behind in at least one subject. Through our individualized learning approach, 45% achieve above average academic gains (12 months+) in our 9-month academic year.

Eighth Graders on Track For High School - 100%
Students successfully graduating from 8th grade and are prepared for high school.

Participation in Extracurricular Activities - 100%
Students are offered a variety of recreation and enrichment opportunities, which lead to a better connection to school and therefore a better chance to succeed.


Academic Affairs

Dr. Colleen Conlan-Carter
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services

Teaching Staff

Vicki Schmidt
Administrative Assistant/Secretary

Anne Budicin
Director of Resource

Tony Corsello
Academic Dean

Hitomi Oum
Academic Counselor

Karen Weldon
Resource Teacher

Janet Hadnott

Kanika Johnson
Technology Integration Coordinator

Pat Johnson
Language Arts

Mariah Kraus
Grade 4

Jeff McMillin
Band/Music Director

Anne Nicholls
Grade 5

Savannah Riley
Grade 3

Alex Russell

Vincent Smith
Art/KidShop Teacher




Residential Services

Monique Turner
Director of Residential Services

Karen Davis
Associate Director of Admissions

Bill Hill
Student Activity Manager

Cassandra Moore
Data and Program Administrator



Willie & Jewel Pugh
Campbell A Cottage

Clayton & Angela Berkey
Campbell B Cottage

Grant & Tonisha Allison
England Cottage

Dan & Sarah Booth
Johnson A Cottage

Jerry & Jennifer Morales
Johnson B Cottage

Craig & Kozetta Pugh
Kauffmann A Cottage

Derek & Tiffany Reed
Kauffmann B Cottage 

Gerald & Beverly Mundy
Peck Cottage  

Melvin & Lenice Mason
Rathje Cottage

Bill & Mary Hill
Ryerson Cottage

Sarah & Alvin Ellis
Scarborough B Cottage 

James & Bridgette Schell
Straus Cottage

David & Marleny Hewchuk
Trees Cottage





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